• The American Numismatic Association: Dedicated to preserving the history and collectibility of the USA's coinage. The ANA has many links to a variety of resources and collecting-related sites. The ANA maintains a museum and historical preservation center in Boulder, Colorado. The ANA provides resources and standards to assist numismatists maintain and share their collections with the general public. Events are held throughout the US each year to promote coin collecting for all ages.

  • The United States Mint and the Bureau of Engraving and Printing: You earn it, they make it. Great sites with a lot of very good information. Learn the process and understand the interesting history of our currency and coinage. The Mint sells coin sets, commemoratives and other coin-relates items to the general public and collectors alike.

  • The Louisiana State Quarter was released in April, 2002. The state quarter program may be extended to allow for the mintage of coins representing Washington, DC, and the US territories and protectorates.  Tennessee is first in 2002. Ohio is second and Indiana will follow Louisiana.  Mississippi will round out the year. This program is billed as the most popular coin program ever initiated by the US Mint. New and experienced collectors are hoarding sacks of the quarters from the Denver and Philadelphia mints. Rolls are disappearing from banks faster than they can stock them. Learn more at the US Mint or Coin World's web site.

  • The Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond, Virginia, has a money museum that traces the history of money from its very beginning. Situated in downtown Richmond just off of the new Canal Walk area near Brown's Island.

  • Liberty Middle School in Ashland, Virginia, is sponsoring HR1021 that will redesign our nation's $1 bill. Started as a civics project, the United States Constitution design has gained a lot of support. This bill may actually make it to circulation. Check out their website: Follow the House Bill (HR1785) and the Senate Bill (S.244).

  • Where's George is a website that will help you learn how far the FRN in your pocket has traveled. Log on, enter the note's serial number and learn its history.

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