Eighth Year

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97th Month

Rachael's 97th Month (March '10)

8 years old! Rachael had a Mardi-Gras birthday party this year, complete with a mask cake and a piñata.

 Over Spring Break Rachael finally decided to learn to ride her bike—and she accomplished it in about 10 minutes. A whole new avenue of excitement has been opened up to her.


98th Month

Rachael's 98th Month (April '10)

Mom, Rachael, and Susanna had a girls’ weekend over Easter, heading to Grandma and Grandpa’s house while Daddy and Liam had a weekend together. Rachael and Susanna’s favorite pastime was playing in the water fountain in Grandma and Grandpa’s back yard. The Easter Bunny even found us while we were there.

99th Month

Rachael's 99th Month (May '10)

We had fun over the past several weeks, “growing” our own butterflies. We watched them go from caterpillars—watched them eat and eat and grow bigger and fatter. Then they spun their cocoons and then we had butterflies. The kids liked feeding them oranges and watching them flutter around their “house”. We took them to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and let them go. One hung around for awhile and let the kids hold it.


100th Month

Rachael's 100th Month (June '10)

Another year of school done, and the start of another busy summer for Rachael.

Rachael and daddy took another trip to NYC. Rachael got to visit the M&M store and soak up Times Square.

101st Month

Rachael's 101st Month (July '10)

Rachael spent a week in PA with Grandma and Grandpa, being there over July 4th. It was a hot, hot week, so they tried to do as many things as possible inside. They went to the butterfly gardens in Hershey, which Rachael really liked.

 Our exciting family weekend came in the middle of the month when we went to NY on Saturday to see Rachael’s cousins, Brette and Michael, who were visiting from LA. Then we spent the night in a hotel in PA, and the next morning went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and saw Aunt Robinne, Uncle Ian and cousins Lochlan and Liadan who were visiting from New Zealand.

 Later in July, Rachael participated in a field hockey camp. She was the youngest in the group, and several of the girls had field hockey experience, but Rachael was a good sport and really tried to make a go of it.

 July was also a sad month—our friends, the Pickars, moved away to PA.

102nd Month

Rachael's 102nd Month (August '10)

Rachael had another adventure this month—this one with Grandma Mel and Pop-Pop. They came to visit for a few days, then took Rachael back to Baton Rouge with them. This time, though, they were driving. They said Rachael was a real sport for the whole drive—she got to meet some family along the way that she had never met before. She then spent a whole week in Baton Rouge before Daddy flew down to bring her home.

 Her summer ended with a long weekend in NY with Maw-Maw and Pots.


103rd Month

Rachael's 103rd Month (September '10)

Rachael is taking a break from gymnastics now, but is continuing with her Irish dance class. She has begun 3rd grade, and was accepted into the gifted program at school, which she really seems to enjoy. She got the teacher she was hoping for, and comes home with a lot more homework now.

One of our favorite things to do on Saturdays this fall is to watch LSU football on the deck. We grill supper, and the kids play in the back yard. They especially love playing with glow sticks.

104th Month

Rachael's 104th Month (October '10)

Fall has arrived with all its coming holiday excitement. Rachael dressed as a gypsy for Halloween.


105th Month

Rachael's 105th Month (November '10)

Mom had conferences with Rachael’s teacher this month. She is a good student—a great reader and tests high in math.

We had great Thanksgiving, hosting dinner for Grandma and Grandpa, Maw-Maw and Pots, and Aunt Emily, Uncle John, and cousin Travis

106th Month

Rachael's 106th Month (December '10)

Christmas came with its usual craziness. Rachael’s favorite gifts seem to be a My Twinn doll from Grandma Mel and Pop-Pop and an ipod shuffle from Santa. The day after Christmas came with 16 inches of snow, so Rachael has had a good time playing outside.


107th Months

Rachael's 107th Month (January '11)

So far, this winter has brought a lot of cold and snow. Rachael has had a great time playing outside, building snow forts, digging tunnels, and sliding down snow piles on trash bags.

 Mom, Rachael, and Susanna had fun at the end of Christmas break, taking a trip to Jenkinson’s Aquarium in Point Pleasant Beach and then running on the snowy beach afterward.

108th Month

Rachael's 108th Month (February '11)

Rachael is excitedly planning her 9th birthday party. All she wants is a few friends over to go to Olive Garden for supper and then a sleepover. She wants her cake to be a red velvet cheesecake.


The 9th Birthday Cake