Eighth Year

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Rachael's 85th Month (March '09)

Rachael is 7 years old!! Her party had a science theme and her cake was a Florence flask. We did several experiments, but we think the real hit was the Mentos and Diet Coke one.

86th Month

Rachael's 86th Month (April '09)

The Easter Bunny brought Rachael several Littlest Pet Shop toys along with her chocolate bunny, and books about Annie Oakley and Milton Hershey.

We went to Manheim for a weekend, and had a yard sale with Grandma. The neat part was when an Amish family came in their horse and buggy.

Rachael had another bout of strep throat this month. And of course Susanna had ear infections at the same time.

87th Month

Rachael's 87th Month (May '09)


88th Month

Rachael's 88th Month (June '09)

Rachael finished 1st grade this month, and now is gearing up for a very busy summer.

89th Month

Rachael's 89th Month (July '09)

Rachael started swimming lessons this month—they are 1-on-1 lessons at a local hotel. We were so proud of her at her first lesson—we could tell she was afraid, but she did everything the instructor asked her to do. She loved it, too—didn’t want to get out of the pool. She looks forward to her lessons every week.

Rachael traveled a lot in July. She spent a few days in NY with Maw-Maw and Pots and cousin Travis. She loved going to the book store with Maw-Maw. She and Daddy drove to VA for a weekend. Rachael stayed with Bill and Karen Comer and their granddaughter Kate. Rachael loved seeing them and VA again. Rachael also spent 5 days in PA with Grandma and Grandpa.

90th Month

Rachael's 90th Month (August '09)

Rachael and Daddy flew to Baton Rouge this month. Daddy came back the next day, but Rachael stayed with Pop-Pop and Grandma Mel for a few days. Then Rachael flew back with Pop-Pop. Rachael even made a scrapbook of all the things she got to do while she was there. She had a great time.

91st Month

Rachael's 91st Month (September '09)

Our baby started 2nd grade this month!! Rachael was excited to be going back to school, especially since she will have the same teachers and half of the class will be the same students.

Rachael began a new session of swim lessons with a crazy guy named Mr. Dan—he seems like lots of fun—Rachael has really taken to him.

92nd Month

Rachael's 92nd Month (October '09)

Rachael seems to have developed a real interest in U.S. history lately,  particularly the U.S. presidents. She also has an interest in ancient Egypt, and has even chosen to dress as Cleopatra for Halloween.

Swim lessons have become a little bit of a challenge. Rachael knows the strokes and what she needs to do but just can’t seem to push past her fear. Her instructor has been amazingly patient and encouraging but hasn’t been able to get her over her fear yet.

93rd Month

Rachael's 93rd Month (November '09)

Mom had parent-teacher conferences this month, and Rachael’s teachers had nothing but good things to say about Rachael. Their biggest challenge is to keep Rachael challenged. We’ll see how things go.

94th Month

Rachael's 94th Month (December '09)

Something really clicked with Rachael in the swimming pool this month—she seems to have gotten over most of her fear and can swim the length of the pool without panicking, using proper breathing and strokes. We will be taking a break from lessons this winter.



95th Months

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Rachael's 95th Month (January '10)

Rachael got to have quite an experience when she and dad got up early on Sat (16th) and drove to Wayne, NJ. They stood in line for about 45 minutes to get into the Clean House Yard Sale. Rachael got to see how the director stages the opening shot with the family - there were four takes and each time she had to act really excited when the family invites the waiting crowd into the yard sale. Once inside, she was able to find a plush Littlest Pet Shop cat that she liked. She took it to Trish Suhr (one of the show's talent) and asked the price. She also got an autographed picture. Rachael led dad through the crowd following her favorite actor to one of the many tables. She was able to break free from dad, squirm through the camera and sound crew and get right up to Matt Iseman. Before dad knew what had happened, Rachael had surprised Matt with a bear hug. He thanked Rachael for being a fan and asked her if she kept her room clean. Dad did not notice her answer. With a huge grin on her face, she told dad she was ready to go home. We will watch the new episodes to see if she makes the cut.


96th Month

Rachael's 96th Month (February '10)

Rachael and daddy braved the snow in NYC to have lunch at Peanut Butter & Company. Rachael enjoyed Ants on Log and a strawberry milkshake. They walked through the city a while to take in the sites.

Rachael also got to stroll along the High Line Park and relaxed on a snow-covered bench.

The 8th Birthday Cake