Sixth Year

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61st Month

Rachael's 61st month (March '07)

FIVE years old?! It can't be! How did our little girl grow up so fast? Rachael had a great time at her flower birthday party. Grandma Mel came all the way from Louisiana and got to enjoy it, too.

Rachael keeps getting better and better at reading. She can pick up pretty much any of her books and read every word in it.

62nd Month

Rachael's 62nd Month (April '07)

The highlight of Rachael's Easter this year was the fact that it snowed the day before--we had to dig out the snow boots that we had already packed away. She ran around in the back yard, with the blooming azaleas covered with snow.

Rachael also like the fact that the Easter Bunny brought her the fruit snacks that only Liam is allowed to eat--they are Rachael's favorite.

Rachael only has a few more weeks of preschool, then we will begin to get ready for KINDERGARTEN!

63rd Month

Rachael's 63rd Month (May '07)

May was an exciting month for Rachael. She took her test for Kindergarten registration and really seemed to have a ball doing it. Which was good because Mom and Dad were afraid she would end up being shy and refuse to answer any questions. But, she went bouncing in with the teacher who tested her, and then asked for the next several days if she could go register again. She keeps going back and forth as to whether or not she wants to go the Kindergarten. One day she is excited, the next day she is scared.

Another exciting event in May was Rachael's preschool graduation. She got a diploma and everything, and still says she wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up.

Rachael is already looking forward to Vacation Bible School next month, but also hopes she doesn't get sick this year like she did last year.

Lately, Rachael enjoys going to yard sales--she has discovered she can find stuffed kitties and toys pretty easily, and doesn't have to spend much of her money to get them.

64th Month

Rachael's 64th Month (June '07)

Well, Kay and Terry have officially ended their tour of keeping Rachael and Liam (sniff, sniff). For the summer, two teenagers, Kelsey and Noel, will babysit them while Mom works.

65th Month

Rachael's 65th Month (July '07)

Rachael just loves her one babysitter, Noel. She especially loves when Noel reads Harry Potter to her.

66th Month

Rachael's 66th Month (August '07)

Mom, Rachael, and Liam took a trip to PA this month and got to spend some time with Aunt Robinne and cousins Lochlan and Liadan, who were visiting from New Zealand. They all enjoyed playing in a plastic kiddie pool on Grandma and Grandpa’s back patio.

Rachael’s best friend, Kate, moved to Buffalo this month. Rachael was very sad to have to say goodbye to her.

67th Month

Rachael's 67th Month (September '07)

Rachael is a big girl now—she started Kindergarten this month! On the first day of school, she climbed up on that school bus and never looked back. She loves her school (C.C. Wells) and her teacher (Mrs. Pennington). Two little boys in her class were in her preschool class at church, so she already has some friends at school.

Daddy took Rachael on an adventure this month, even letting her miss her fourth day of school. They flew to Louisiana so that Rachael could see Grandma Mel and Pop Pop (and so that Daddy could go to an LSU game). It was Rachael’s first time flying, and she loved it!

68th Month

Rachael's 68th Month (October '07)

Rachael still loves Kindergarten, although she comes home hungry, tired, and grumpy. Mom gets her off the bus and takes her back to work with her, and most days Rachael ends up pitching a fit by the time they get back to the church. Mom’s coworkers just smile—luckily they all understand. Rachael’s favorite part of Kindergarten seems to be eating lunch in the cafeteria, and she especially likes Mondays, when Mom comes and eats with her.

Rachael was absolutely beautiful this Halloween, dressed as a princess riding a pink unicorn Pegasus.

69th Month

Rachael's 69th Month (November '07)

Rachael has already gotten her second chance to fly in an airplane—we all flew to Louisiana for Thanksgiving! She did a great job in both airports and on both flights. We had a great visit with Grandma Mel and Pop Pop, also celebrating Pop Pop’s 60th birthday. Rachael especially like going out on the lake behind Pop Pop’s house in Pop Pop’s canoe. Rachael and Pop Pop also made a sail boat to sail on the lake.

Rachael lost her first tooth this month—it “popped out” while she was in music class at school. She cried when she first discovered she had a loose tooth, but liked when the Tooth Fairy came after it fell out.

70th Month

Rachael's 70th Month (December '07)

The Christmas tree this year was decorated with German straw ornaments, which Rachael enjoyed pulling off and rearranging. Even with all the toys Rachael and Liam got this year, their favorite thing to do was jumping on the inflated air mattress Grandma and Grandpa slept on while they were here.

71st Month

Rachael's 71st Month (January '08)

Big news this month—Daddy is being transferred—to New Jersey! He will move in early February and Mom, Rachael, and Liam will hopefully join him over Spring Break in March.

72nd Month

Rachael's 72nd Month (February '08)

Daddy moved to New Jersey early this month. Mom went with him the first weekend and they found a house. It has a nice flat driveway for playing outside and a basement that will be good for playing inside. Unfortunately, the weekend Mom and Daddy were gone, Rachael came down with the flu that the rest of the family had at the end of last month. Kay, Terry, and Karen did a great job taking care of her until Mom got home.

The 6th Birthday Cake