Fifth Year

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49th Month

Rachael's 49th Month (March '06)

March was a continuation of trying to keep the house nice and neat and clean in the hopes that someone would want to buy it. It paid off—we got an offer on the house, which we accepted. We were a little worried at first, because we had lost the first house we had put an offer on, and hadn’t found another one yet. But—things fell into place, and we found another house even nicer than the first one. We are continuing to pack up to be ready to move the third weekend in April  Rachael was not terribly happy when we packed up her toys. She was afraid they would be sad and lonely in the boxes.

Rachael says she is ready to be a big sister to her baby brother, and is ready to teach him everything she knows. We are sure it will be a long time before we know if Liam is learning to talk—he will never get a word in edge-wise with Rachael around.

50th Month

Rachael's 50th Month (April '06)

The big change for Rachael in April was our move to the new house. Rachael loves all the extra room—especially the living room, where we don’t have a lot of furniture yet. She has a great time with her hippity-hop in that room, and hopping from the living room, through the kitchen, and into the family room. The youth from church came to help us move, and Rachael had a good time reading books on the garage steps with one of the youth, and sitting in the family room surrounded by bags and boxes of stuff, being silly with the church youth director.

Maw-Maw and Pots came from New York to help keep Rachael busy while Mom and Dad unpacked and tried to get as much of the house in order as possible. Maw-Maw stayed the whole week, and we are sure she was quite worn out by the time she left. Rachael really enjoyed eating shrimp, corn and potatoes on the new deck. Rachael really seems to like the new house, and doesn’t talk about the old house at all yet. Little does she know the even bigger change that is about to rock her world.

51st Month

Rachael's 51st Month (May '06)

Rachael is officially a Big Sister!!!  Baby Liam arrived on Wednesday, May 10 at 10:08am. Daddy brought Rachael to the hospital to see him that afternoon. Her reaction was: "he is so cute” (we’ll see how long that sentiment lasts). She got bored in the hospital room, though, and didn’t want to come back the next day.

Grandma and Grandpa Weiss came from Pennsylvania to visit their grandchildren and to see our new house. Grandpa had lots of subject matter for picture-taking.

Nursery School ended the third week in May. It’s hard to believe Rachael only has one more year of Nursery School before she heads to Kindergarten.

Grandma Mel, Pop-Pop, and Uncle Jay came for a visit Memorial Day weekend. Rachael had a great time making fancy foam visors with Grandma Mel, and having Pop-Pop create toe families.

52nd Month

Rachael's 52nd Month (June '06)

Rachael still seems to like the new house and her new brother. She especially likes sitting in Liam’s room, playing with his toys. Probably because most of the toys used to be hers. She doesn’t like when Liam cries, and always seems to choose right when Mom is about to start nursing Liam to want to read books. At first, she didn’t like Mom nursing and reading at the same time, but she has gotten used to it. Rachael really likes the fact that Terry (her Wednesday child care) and her Nursery School teacher from this past year live in our neighborhood. She likes to take walks with Mama by their houses to see if they are home.

Rachael was actually old enough this year to be an official participant in Vacation Bible School, not just in the volunteer’s nursery. Unfortunately, she was sick all week. She only missed one day of VBS, but we aren’t sure how much she actually enjoyed the days she was there.

Mom, Rachael, and Liam actually enjoy all being home together. We take walks, play games, read books, put puzzles together, and go to the playground at the mall. Mom doesn’t have too much maternity leave left, so we are trying to take advantage of the time we have together.

53rd Month

Rachael's 53rd Month (July '06)

Maw-Maw and Pots came down from New York for the July 4th weekend, and brought Rachael lots of new books. However, Rachael latched on to one or two books and wouldn’t read any but those. The highlight of the weekend seemed to be when Pots took Rachael to McDonald’s for breakfast. We bought sparklers for Rachael for the 4th, but she decided she didn’t like them this year.

It appears that Rachael has begun reading. Mostly, she recognizes words she has seen a lot, but she understands that words are made of letters and can recognize the patterns. Mom and Rachael met dad at the mall food court for lunch and Rachael showed off her new skill.

Mom heads back to work tomorrow (July 10), and Rachael has said she will miss her, but she is excited about going back to Miss Kay’s.

54th Month

Rachael's 54th Month (August '06)

The highlight of August for Rachael was going to the county fair with Mom, Liam, and our friends, the Comers. Rachael and her friend Kate rode ride after ride, getting hot, sweaty, and quite dirty. Rachael was quite fearless on all the rides. She got so excited about doing one ride a second time that she tripped over her own feet getting back in line and skinned her knee. Mom took her to the first-aid station. It must have been a slow medical evening, because Rachael had three paramedics hovering over her. The drama-queen that she is, she loved this and told the story to everyone who would listen. Luckily, this happened at the end of the evening, so her fair time wasn't cut too short.

Rachael had fun going to the Richmond Craft Beer Festival at the Turning Basin in downtown Richmond. She got to hear some great bands, eat some jung food and have a couple of really yummy, fresh-brewed root beer. Rachael looks forward to the next festival.

Rachael has become a HUGE fan of The Wiggles, she would watch them all day if she was permitted. She talks constantly about "going to The Wiggles house". She inserts them into many of her plans and can sing practically all of their songs. We have discovered that they will be in Charlottesville in November, so we may be trekking there to see The Wiggles in concert.

55th Month

Rachael's 55th Month (September '06)

Rachael seems to still like her baby brother, and has even taken to climbing in his crib with him. We're not sure what Liam thinks about that.

Rachael is excited for the LSU football season. She and dad like to have "Tailgate" parties in the garage before the game comes on TV.

Rachael started her final year of preschool today (Sept. 11), and has already made friends (although she can't remember their names). She goes four mornings a week, and an extra two hours on Tuesdays.

Rachael had her picture taken on a pony at school, and even allowed Liam to sit on the pony with her.

56th Month

Rachael's 56th Month (October '06)

Rachael had a treat when Grandma Mel and Pop-Pop came for Liam's baptism. She got to spend a night in the hotel with them. Then, the next day, they took her to the Children's Museum. Grandma and Grandpa and Uncle Eric and Aunt Tina came, too. And Aunt Tina had made Rachael a beautiful pink and sparkly dress. Rachael loves it - she would wear to bed if we let her.

Rachael just loves Halloween. She has her costumes planned for the next several years. She had a busy day on Halloween. She had a party at school. Then, since Liam was sick, she had supper at her friend, Kate's house, then went trick-or-treating with Kate and her mom. We have a feeling we are going to have Halloween candy in the house for quite a while--Rachael made quite a haul. Keiko wasn't crazy about Rachael's black cat costume. In fact, she was quite freaked out by it--we haven't seen her tail that puffy in quite a while.

57th Month

Rachael's 57th Month (November '06)

Rachael, Mom, and Kay had a treat in early November--we went to Hampton to see The Wiggles!! Rachael was very excited, and even drew them a picture. At one point during the concert, Jeff (the purple Wiggle) came into the audience and walked right past us (we had aisle seats). Rachael held up the picture for Jeff to see, and he stopped and took the picture. He took it up on stage, held it up for the audience to see, and handed it to Anthony (the blue Wiggle). Anthony put it on display on the drum set. Rachael seemed to like that, but half way through the concert she said she was bored and wanted to go home. We think it was simply sensory overload for her, and she couldn't take it all in. The real disappointment was that Greg (the yellow Wiggle, who does all the singing) wasn't there. We have since found out that he is leaving the group for health reasons.  We think Rachael enjoyed eating lunch at Golden Corral before the concert more than the concert itself. Oh well--Mom and Kay had a good time.

Rachael loved having Maw-Maw and Pots here for Thanksgiving. Although she would have rather had shrimp and "cob on the corn" instead of turkey. She is definitely Pots' girl. She wanted to do whatever Pots was doing, wherever he was. They even went to McDonald's for breakfast twice.

58th Month

Rachael's 58th Month (December '06)

Rachael couldn't wait for Christmas this year. We think this was really the first year Rachael made the connection between Santa and getting presents. After she saw her gifts under the tree Christmas morning, she said "I didn't think I was good enough for presents, but I guess I was!" She had also gotten a package of cat-face push pins in her stocking (we hung a bulletin board in her room for all of her school artwork), and when she opened the package, it turned out they were actually magnets. She laughed and said, "look at the mistake Santa and his elves made!" The popular gift for her this year was a scooter. She has had a great time riding it from the living room, through the kitchen and breakfast area into the family room.

Grandma and Grandpa Weiss came from Pennsylvania for Christmas, and Rachael had a great time with them. Rachael and Grandma even made Mom a cake for her birthday.

59th Month

Rachael's 59th Month (January '07)

January was a pretty tame month for Rachael. The one special thing we did was go to Washington D.C. to meet Pop-Pop and Grandma Mel. We stayed in a hotel for one night, then met Grandma Mel and Pop-Pop at the Museum of Natural History. Rachael's favorite part was not the museum, but riding the Metro. She really enjoyed the Iris exhibit and seeing some of the displays, but it proved too much to see for her little legs.


She told dad, the other day, that she was smarter than he is. When asked how that could be, since daddy went to school a lot more than she has she said, “Well, you have already learned everything you will learn and I am going to keep on learning more stuff.”


She also said that her mom was smarter than daddy because she “ is a mommy and mommies have to know everything.”

60th Month

Rachael's 60th month (February '07)

The 5th Birthday Cake