Second Year

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85th Month

Liam's 85th Month (May '13)

Liam is 7!! How is he 7 already?! He had a great time at his Medieval birthday party. We had a castle bouncy house with a big dragon on the top. They each made their own shield, decorated small castles, and fought inflatable dragons with inflatable swords.

Mommy and the kids took another trip to the States this month—just a quick weekend trip to Maw Maw’s house. We also went to Ottawa one Saturday—saw the U.S. Embassy and went to the Canadian Aviation Museum—the kids loved it.

Daddy and Liam have found a new early morning pastime—plane spotting. Daddy found a place near the airport to park that is directly in the path of landing planes—it is rather cool to have a plane come in that low right over you.


86th Month

Liam's 86th Month (June '13)

Our first school year in Canada has ended. Liam’s teacher remarked on how well he adapted and picked up on the French—we are very proud of him.

We all took a weekend trip to Vermont this month. Went to an aquarium and to the Cabot Creamery and watched them make cheese. Took the ferry across Lake Champlain to NY to come home.

Summer is fixing to be busy with trips and camps. In fact, Liam already had his first camp this month—a Lego camp with Bricks 4 Kids. Of course, he loved it. They even got to play soccer and go swimming.


87th Month

Liam's 87th Month (July '13)

Mommy and the kids took another NY, NJ, and PA trip for the Fourth of July--only one week this time.

Liam had his second camp this month—a nature camp at the EcoMuseum. They spent the week learning about animals native to Quebec.


88th Month

Liam's 88th Month (August '13)

Our big trip for the summer came at the end of July/beginning of August. We all drove to NJ (Daddy and Rachael went down on Friday, Mommy, Liam, and Susanna came on Saturday) and visited with friends for a couple days. Rachael got to see Anna, Nicole, and Maya—Anna and Maya came swimming in the hotel pool with us. Then on Monday, we flew from Trenton to New Orleans, rented a car and drove to Grandma Mel and PopPop’s house in Baton Rouge. Mommy and Daddy left on Wednesday to spend a few days on their own in New Orleans before flying back to NJ on Friday. Rachael, Liam, and Susanna stayed and had a great time with Grandma Mel and PopPop—they did a lot of swimming and made some new friends. They got to see the state capitol and a really cool Museum about Louisiana, and, of course, Mike the Tiger. The one thing we will all remember is that it was HOT!! PopPop flew back to NJ with the kids on Monday, where Mommy was waiting for them.

We went back to the Canadian Aviation Museum for a special Star Wars exhibit. They had all kinds of props, models, and costumes on display that were actually used in the movies, along with stories of how the stories and characters were created. We also each wore a wristband that we could scan at 10 different stations, which allowed us to create our own Star Wars identity.

School started two weeks after we got back from the States. Liam is enjoying being a big brother to Susanna, who started at Kuper this year. Liam will be starting a Sportball program this fall, where he will play lots of different sports. He is also going to do a soccer clinic at school. His teacher, Mrs. Harries, seems very nice (she is British).

We also went to the Exporail Canadian Railway Museum. We got to see lots of really neat trains.

And, we found an English movie theater! We saw Despicable Me 2 and Planes in one weekend!


89th Month

Liam's 89th Month (September '13)

We all took a trip to NY to watch the first LSU game with Maw Maw and Pots. On the way back, we stopped in Pottersville and went to Natural Stone Bridge and Caves. Got to hike and climb on lots of rocks. The kids even got to do some mining for gems and picked out some geodes that were cut open for us there.


90th Month

Liam's 90th Month (October '13)


91st Month

Liam's 91st Month (November '13)


92nd Month

Liam's 92nd Month (December '13)



93rd Month

Liam's 93rd Month (January '14)



94th Month

Liam's 94th Month (February '14)



95th Month

Liam's 95th Month (March '14)



96th Month

Liam's 96th Month (April '14)


The 8th Birthday Cake

May 10th 2014