Second Year

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49th Month

Liam's 49th Month (May '10)

4 years old! Liam enjoyed his 4th birthday, with Grandma and Grandpa coming to share his alligator cake. At least once a week Liam asks when he is going to get to go back to his school.

50th Month

Liam's 50th Month (June '10)

We had Liam re-tested for his peanut allergy this month—unfortunately he is still allergic. The allergist also tested him for tree nuts, which had not been done before, and he is allergic to several of those, so we are continuing to keep him away from those things.

51st Month

Liam's 51st Month (July '10)

Our exciting family weekend came in the middle of the month when we went to NY on Saturday to see Liam’s cousins, Brette and Michael, who were visiting from LA. Then we spent the night in a hotel in PA, and the next morning went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and saw Aunt Robinne, Uncle Ian and cousins Lochlan and Liadan who were visiting from New Zealand.

Liam also got to participate in a sports camp this month—learning about a different sport each day. Liam had a great time.

 July was also a sad month—our friends, the Pickars, moved away to PA.

52nd Month

Liam's 52nd Month (August '10)

Liam is very ready to start preschool next month, and keeps asking to drive by his school.

53rd Month

Liam's 53rd Month (September '10)

Liam began preschool this month, and absolutely loves it! He loves Miss Debbie, his teacher, and all the other girls and boys in his class. He really seems to have taken a shine to a little girl named Sophia. He says he likes to tickle her.

54th Month

Liam's 54th Month (October '10)

Fall has arrived with all it’s coming holiday excitement. Liam had a fabulous fish costume for Halloween, made by Maw-Maw.

55th Month

Liam's 55th Month (November '10)

We had great Thanksgiving, hosting dinner for Grandma and Grandpa, Maw-Maw and Pots, and Aunt Emily, Uncle John, and cousin Travis

56th Month

Liam's 56th Month (December '10)

Christmas came with all of its usual excitement. Liam’s favorite gifts seem to be the Legos he received from Grandma and Grandpa and Santa.

 Liam got to have a long guys weekend with Daddy, taking a ride on the Cape May Lewes Ferry one day and then going to NY to visit Maw-Maw and Pots for a night.

 We can see Liam making huge progress with his writing skills, and we know he is on the verge of reading—he can already recognize a number of words.


57th Month

Liam's 57th Month (January '11)

January has been filled with lots of snow and ice. Liam enjoys playing in it with Rachael, sliding down the big snow piles along the driveway.

 Liam got to go to his friend, Brady’s, birthday party at Pump It Up—a place with lots of bounce houses and inflatable slides and obstacle courses. He had a great time.

58th Month

Liam's 58th Month (February '11)

Liam got to go to another birthday party this month, this one at a fire station. His friend, Jeffrey’s, dad is the local fire chief, so they got to climb on the fire trucks and squirt the fire hose.

59th Month

Liam's 59th Month (March '11)

Liam is now registered at the Walter C. Black school to begin Kindergarten in September. He will go for the Kindergarten testing sometime in May. Next month he will get to tour the school and meet the principal.

 Liam’s reading skills are really beginning to take off. Mom can point to words and phrases in books, and most of them Liam either knows right away or can sound out to figure out what they are.

 Liam got a bike this month, and just loves it. He does a great job riding it, but isn’t ready for the training wheels to be taken off yet. He loves riding it to and from the bus stop.

60th Month

Liam's 60th Month (April '11)

Liam got to go to the Walter C. Black school for a tour this month—he is starting to get excited about Kindergarten, but isn’t ready to leave Little Friends yet.

 The Easter Bunny made his annual appearance, bringing lots of candy. Mom and the kids spent a few days over Spring Break in NY with Maw Maw and Pots.


The 5th Birthday Cake

May 10th 2011