Second Year

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37th Month

May 2009

Liam's 37th Month (May '09)

How is it possible that our little boy is turning 3 years old? He is excited to have a train cake.

Liam has started asking if we can “take Susanna back to the baby store”

38th Month

June 2009

Liam's 38th Month (June '09)



39th Month

July 2009

Liam's 39th Month (July '09)



40th Month

August 2009

Liam's 40th Month (August '09)

Liam has made real progress this summer—he can recognize numbers 1-10, about half of the alphabet, all colors and shapes.

41st Month

September 2009

Liam's 41st Month (September '09)

Liam has begun taking gymnastics at the same place as Rachael, and he is having a ball with it. We aren’t sure how much he actually pays attention, but he really has fun, and doesn’t seem to be afraid to try.

42nd Month

October 2009

Liam's 42nd Month (October '09)

Liam had a great time with Daddy at the Philadelphia zoo this month. This was the first Father/Son day, and both father and son enjoyed themselves.

Liam wore the perfect costume for Halloween—a monkey, complete with a banana in the pocket. He looked adorable, and he had a great time trick-or-treating

43rd Month

November 2009

Liam's 43rd Month (November '09)

Liam is making more and more progress with his letter and word recognition—he can recognize a few sight words now. And Rachael even taught him how to write his name. We are so proud of both of them.

44th Month

December 2009

Liam's 44th Month (December '09)

Brief bout with pneumonia early this month. Not too bad, but Liam was on nebulizers for over a week.

45th Month

January 2010

Liam's 45th Month (January '10)

Liam is now registered to begin preschool in September. He is very excited. We visited his classroom, and he seemed to fit right it. A friend of Mom’s will actually be his teacher.


46th Month

February 2010

Liam's 46th Month (February '10)

Liam has taken a real liking for the GeoTrax trains that had originally been Rachael’s. He actually does a good job putting the tracks together by himself and putting the trains on the tracks. He won’t let anyone actually run the trains with the remotes, though. We think he is afraid of the noise they make.

47th Month

March 2010

Liam's 47th Month (March '10)

Liam seems to now have a new standard breakfast—Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets with ketchup. Some days are a little different—some days it’s “chicken and ketchup without the ketchup”


48th Month

April 2010

Liam's 48th Month (April '10)

Daddy and Liam had a good Father/Son weekend--visiting the Air Victory Museum in Lumberton, NJ. Liam had fun sitting in the cockpit of a jet. They also went to Jenkinson’s Aquarium in Point Pleasant Beach. They also took the train to Daddy’s favorite restaurant, Geraghty’s, and stopped to play at a really cool playground.



The 4th Birthday Cake

May 10th 2010