Second Year

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25th Month

May 2008

Liam's 25th Month (May '08)

Two years old!! Liam enjoyed his second birthday, with a Lightning McQueen cake and Italian Ice (since he is allergic to ice cream). Grandma and Grandpa came to enjoy the day, too. Now that we finally own our new house, Mom has been able to paint Liam’s room (blue), and the carpet has been taken out and a Home Depot roadway rug has been put in. Liam certainly loves trucks and cars, and loves Disney’s Cars. Liam made Grandma’s day when he actually called her Grandma (for the first time). His personality has really blossomed over the past month, and he is speaking more and more.

26th Month

June 2008

Liam's 26th Month (June '08)

Liam spent a week missing his big sister this month, while she was off visiting cousin Travis in New York. Mom lost count of how many time she had to answer the question, “Rachael go?”

27th Month

July 2008

Liam's 27th Month (July '08)

Baby Susanna arrived on the 14th, and Liam seems quite taken with her. He gets very excited and says, “Susa cute!! Hair soft!” He was quite curious about her in the hospital, but seemed more interested in the food Mom had and in climbing on and off Mom’s hospital bed.

28th Month

August 2008

Liam's 28th Month (August '08)

Liam’s alter ego has come through—“Super Doggie”. He has a great time putting on his doggie pajamas, tying his blue dog blanket around his neck, and running around the house yelling, “Super Doggie!”.  Liam’s milk allergy seems to be subsiding somewhat—he is able to eat yogurt, butter, and macaroni and cheese, but still ends up with hives if he eats ice cream or drinks plain milk.

29th Month

September 2008

Liam's 29th Month (September '08)

The alter ego is developing, he doesn’t seem to need the blanket and pajamas anymore—he becomes Super Doggie at the bus stop now, much to the delight of the other moms there. Liam does miss his big sister when she is at school, but never seems to show it once she gets home, chasing her and generally antagonizing her.

Grandma Mel and Pop Pop came for a visit this month and took Liam and Rachael to Lee’s Turkey Farm where they went through the corn maze and picked apples.

30th Month

October 2008

Liam's 30th Month (October '08)

Liam was absolutely adorable dressed up as a dragon for Halloween. For weeks beforehand, he would tell everyone he met that he was going to be a dragon for Halloween. For a long time, he was afraid of the costume, so we were very glad that he actually wore it.

Liam loves going to church on Sunday mornings and playing with Miss Julie, the woman who keeps the nursery. No separation anxiety there.

31st Month

November 2008

Liam's 31st Month (November '08)

Liam ended up back on his nebulizer at the beginning of the month, and our pediatrician here in NJ is saying it is asthma. It doesn’t appear that the change in terms is going to change the way he is treated, and it seems to be triggered when he gets a cold. He also had his 2 ½-year check –up, which simply confirmed what we already knew about Liam—he is a chunk. He weighs 36 pounds (95th percentile) and is 35 ¾ inches tall (50th percentile)—he’s a square! His head size is also in the 95th percentile.

We had a great Thanksgiving, with Maw-Maw and Pots, Aunt Emily, Uncle John, and Cousin Travis all coming here. There was a lot of energy in this house, but it was nice to have family around. Rachael and Travis would run all around the house, up and down the steps, and poor Liam tried so hard to keep up, but just couldn’t.

Liam loves going to gymnastics with Rachael, mainly because there is a snack machine, and he likes trying to get something out of it. He especially likes when the woman from the office opens the machine up to fill it. He seems to keep hoping that she will take pity on his puppy-dog look and give him something. Unfortunately, Rachael’s class takes place late evening, and runs way past Liam’s bed time, so he is a handful by the time Rachael is done.

32nd Month

December 2008

Liam's 32nd Month (December '08)

Liam loves all of the Christmas decorations, especially Mom’s nutcracker collection, but we don’t think he really understands Christmas yet. His favorite toy that he got for Christmas seems to be a big yellow dump truck from Grandma and Grandpa. They had also given him a toy cordless drill, and when he opened it he said in a disappointed tone, “Oh, this is for Daddy.” What was really funny is that Daddy also got his own new cordless drill.

An accomplishment!! Liam gave up his pacifier! It was more an act of defiance than anything else, but he decided to throw it in the trash, and we left it there. He hasn’t seemed to miss it, but he still wants Froggie at bedtime.


33rd Month

January 2009

Liam's 33rd Month (January '09)

Liam continues to be a ham—loves trucks, cars, trains, and animals. He loves eating “chicken and ketchup”, especially for breakfast. He also likes “dried paper cuts” (dried apricots)

34th Month

February 2009

Liam's 34th Month (February '09)


35th Month

March 2009

Liam's 35th Month (March '09)

Liam seems to have a real talent for puzzles. All the pieces will be laid out and Mom will start putting some together. Liam can look at what is put together and, 9 times out of 10, find a piece that fits.

36th Month

April 2009

Liam's 36th Month (April '09)

The Easter Bunny brought Liam some cool trucks and big-boy underwear. Liam is very excited about the underwear, but has no desire to wear it and use the potty. If we ask him if he wants to use the potty, most times he will say yes, and actually pee in the potty, but he doesn’t volunteer to use it.


The 3rd Birthday Cake

May 10th 2009