First Year

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1st Month

May 2006

Liam's First Month (May '06)

William Clayton Potter, III made his debut on Wednesday, May 10 at 10:08am (11 days early), and he certainly didnít dawdle!!! Mom started having contractions about 4:00 that morning, about 12 minutes apart. At 6:00 the contractions were suddenly 6 minutes apart. Mom called the doctorís office a little before 7:00, and of course got the after hours service. We waited almost 30 minutes for the on-call doctor to call back, and he never did. Mom called the doctorís office again, and was told to wait for the on-call doctor. After almost another 30 minutes without a call from the on-call doctor, Momís own doctor called. We had planned to deliver at St. Francis Hospital, the new hospital in in our county, but when Momís doctor called to see if they had a bed available, he discovered they were full. He gave Mom two choices, she could hang around at home and wait for a bed at St. Francis, or she could go to St. Maryís hospital (in Richmond), which was where her doctor was. Knowing how little time Rachael had wasted being born, Mom and Dad both knew they didnít want to wait around at home, so they headed to St. Maryís. By the time Mom and Dad got to the hospital and the nurse got Mom hooked up to the monitor, it was 9:05óan hour before Liam was born. Mom and no time for pain medication, and the nurses didnít even get all the paperwork done before Liam was born.

Liam looks a lot like Rachael did when she was born, but has beautiful clear blue eyes and grunts and squeaks a lot. He has the same aversion to sleeping anywhere but Momís armsójust like Rachael, but isnít nearly as fond of the swing as Rachael was.

Grandma and Grandpa Weiss were the first grandparents to come see Liam, coming from Pennsylvania the weekend Liam was actually due.

Grandma Mel and Pop-Pop, and Uncle Jay came to visit Memorial Day weekend, and we had all three William Clayton Potters together.

2nd Month

June 2006

Liam's Second Month (June '06)

Liam is now sleeping in his crib and consistently sleeps about 6 hours before needing to nurse again. He is also getting into a good nap pattern. He eats well and is a pro at filling his diaper. He was the youngest one at Vacation Bible School this year, and was doted on by the two volunteers keeping the nursery.

3rd Month

July 2006

Liam's Third Month (July '06)

Maw-Maw and Pots came from New York for the July 4th weekend for their fist look at Liam. He still has his beautiful blue eyes and has started grinning at us. Mom goes back to work tomorrow (July 10), and Liam will be going with her at least through the end of the summer.


4th Month

August 2006

Liam's 4th Month (August '06)

Liam didn't was not able to come to work with Mom for as long as we had hoped. Luckily, Kay and Terry readily agreed to start keeping Liam, too. He is slowly getting used to taking bottles, but gets confused if Mom is in the room at the same time.

Liam is so, so close to rolling onto his tummy. He will roll onto his side and start to go the rest of the way over, but then flip back onto his back. He'll do it one of these days. He is growing fast and becomes more and more like a real person every day, grinning and giggling at us. We can tell he has so much to say - he will be as talkative as Liam. It won't be long before we start him on some solid food.

Mom, Liam, Rachael and the Comers took a trip to the county fair one evening, and Liam was a real trooper. It was hot and noisy, but he really seemed to have a good time, while Rachael and Kate rode ride after ride.


5th Month

September 2006

Liam's 5th Month (September '06)

September 1st was the day--Liam successfully rolled from his back to his tummy for the first time! He is still working on getting back onto his back. However, he has discovered the joys of being in the exersaucer.

Liam likes to be held in a standing position and to wiggle along with Rachael as she watches The Wiggles on TV.

Liam has discovered that he is not quite ready to watch LSU football with Daddy and Rachael - the yelling and clapping were just too much for him.


6th Month

October 2006

Liam's 6th Month (October '06)

Liam had his first solid food on October 5--it was rice cereal. He did pretty well with it. We think he actually ate more than he ended up wearing. Applesauce was his next food, but he wasn't a big fan. He does like it mixed with the cereal, though.

Liam was baptized at Chester UMC on October 22. Grandma Mel and Pop-Pop, Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Eric and Aunt Tina were all here. He was fussy and tired as the service started, but as soon as Pastor Marg started talking, he calmed down. When we stood up in front of Pastor Marg, he was mesmerized by her.

Liam got a bad cold from Rachael at the end of October. After visiting the pediatrician on Halloween, he was diagnosed with bronchiolitis and put on nebulizer treatments. He is definitely not a fan of the mask he wears to get the treatments.


7th Month

November 2006

Liam's 7th Month (November '06)

On November 1st, Liam went back to the pediatrician to see if his breathing had improved. Unfortunately it hadn't, so he and mom were sent right to Chippenham hospital where Liam was admitted. He spent almost exactly 48 hours there, getting nebulizer treatments, and having his chest and back pounded (he actually like that). Those two days were probably worse for Mom than Liam--he had no clue what was happening, but Mom did, and had to spend those 48 hours keeping him happy and entertained. His hospital crib was on a angle to help him breath, but he would fuss and kick and by the time he was asleep he would end up in a heap at the bottom of the incline. Then his oxygen level would drop, Mom would have to straighten him out, and he would wake up and we would start the whole process again. Mom finally started standing next to him while he fussed himself to sleep, patting his back and keeping him from sliding. He also ended up with an ear infection, and was put on antibiotics. Thankfully, he responded to all the medicine and treatments, and was able to go home on the 3rd. We spent another week weaning him off of the nebulizers.

On the 5th, Liam finally decided to roll from front to back. We were beginning to wonder if he ever would.

Liam is eating three meals of solid food each day now. His favorites seem to be oatmeal, pears, bananas, and squash. He also doesn't seem to mind carrots and applesauce.

On Thanksgiving day, we discovered that Liam can sit up by himself. He tips over every now and then, but really does quite well. He is so close to crawling. He will get up on his hands and knees and rock back and forth, and then push himself backwards. Right now he gets around by spinning on his tummy. We have also discovered that he is extremely ticklish.


8th Month

December 2006

Liam's 8th Month (December '06)

December was a good month for Liam. He got his first two teeth on the 10th and 16th (the bottom front ones). On the 27th, he went from his tummy to a sitting position for the first time.

Christmas was just another day for Liam. He liked the bows and paper better than the gifts.



9th Month

January 2007

Liam's 9th Month (January '07)

Liam continues to grow and develop into a real little boy. He pulled himself up to a standing position for the first time on the 2nd, and started crawling on the 5th. There is no stopping him now!


10th Month

February 2007

Liam's 10th Month (February '07)

The end of January and beginning of February were rough times again for Liam. He got a cold and started wheezing in the middle of January. We put him on breathing treatments and he got better. Then, at the end of January we went to Washington D.C. and spent a day there at the Museum of Natural History with Grandma Mel and Pop-Pop. During the night before in the hotel, Liam started wheezing again. We started him on breathing treatments when we got home, but he just didn't respond to them this time. The pediatrician sent us to the emergency room for tests on February 1st, but they sent us home. We followed up again with the pediatrician the next day, but Liam wasn't any better, so we were sent back to the hospital for Liam to be admitted. That was Friday morning, and luckily Liam responded well, and we were able to get home Saturday evening. However, this time he had an IV, and was put on oxygen during the night on Friday. Liam was also not pleased that the only baby hospital gown they had was in pink--they were all out of blue. Anyway, we made it through another hospital stay, and are trying to figure out how to keep on top of this problem so we don't have to go back.

One good thing, Liam got one of his top front teeth on the 5th! He loves Cheerios and will not let anyone substitute another type of food.


11th Month

March 2007

Liam's 11th Month (March '07)

Liam is just looking more and more like a little boy these days. With 6 teeth in his mouth now, he has a great, toothy grin. We have been trying to get him to eat more table food, but he just isn't interested--he simply smashes it on his tray.

Liam is cruising everywhere along the furniture, and can really move quite fast. He will occasionally let go and hover for a few seconds before he plops down. It won't be long before he takes his first step.

He seems to be saying a few words--duck, dada, dog, Jack (Kay's dog), and we think even a form of Liam.



12th Month

April 2007

Liam's 12th month (April '07)

Well, it's official--Liam took his first step on April 1 (no fooling!) He hasn't really taken off walking yet, but he'll take a few steps at a time. He still prefers crawling, though. He got his 7th tooth a few days later.

Easter wasn't a really big deal for Liam--he didn't even seem upset that he didn't get any chocolate. He did like the fruit snacks that the Easter Bunny brought him, though. He also enjoyed some of the sweet potatoes we had for Easter dinner.

We all went to the Virginia Marine Science Museum, and Liam absolutely loved the huge fish tanks. He sat in his stroller pressed up against the glass watching all the huge fish and sharks swim past. As we would round another corner, with another tank coming into view, he would point and reach out for it.

It seems impossible that our little baby is about to celebrate his 1st birthday!



1st Birthday Cake

May 10th 2007